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We are an irreverent Sunday morning podcast that discusses Star Trek writing in all of its forms from tv shows, movies, books, comics, games, fan fiction, and more.

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G & T Show 133 - Foundry With CapnPFDennis

G & T Show 133 – Foundry With CapnPFDennis is now available for downloading. Check it out here. Terry and Mike are back with a new show while Nick is away doing shooty for work. We invited CapnPFDennis to join us. Nick surprises us by joining us live. We discuss Star Trek News, STLV Update, Star Trek Online, Book News, and a new Ask Dayton. They finish up with announcements including the Foundry videos for STLV and the status of our fundraiser. We have done it! We will be upgrading our site shortly. Thank you for all of your support in sharing and donating to our fundraiser.

Salvage 1

Nathan Fillion Enterprise

Captain’s Chair on Ebay

Greenwood Beaming Up for Multiple Conventions

STLV Guests

iPhone Case makes Star Trek’s tricorder a reality

Star Trek – Dog Toys

Top Girls

Trek Stars Collide in new play

Tales of Honor

TNG Chain of Command Trailer on TrekCore

Star Trek Into Darkness Deleted Scenes

Watch the Star Trek Into Darkness Deleted Scenes Here

Hello Earth reads Paresis a TOS Script by James E. Brooks

Harlan Ellison’s The City on the Edge of Forever

Star Trek Cast Pancakes

The Worf of Starfleet

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Ask Dayton 94 – Pretty Fly for An Old Guy

Dear Sweet Dayton,

As I sit here to ask you a question for “some” of the men in my fleet, and that shall not be named due to embarrassment of them because they don’t have the balls to ask you themselves…the question is, how do you stay “SO PRETTY?”

Sincerely, with big hugs and kisses,

I’ve been called a lot of things in the course of the many years I’ve spent wandering this little blue-brown pebble we all call home, but I’m almost certain that “pretty” isn’t on that list. If the word is ever used to describe me at all, it’s usually a precursor to something else. For example, “pretty sneaky, or “pretty dickish thing to say,” or “pretty shifty son of a bitch or “pretty evil mother fucker.”

You know, the usual.

I consider myself to be an average guy – average build, average looks, average personality. Wait, check that. I actually think I have a fucking awesome personality, a razor sharp wit and a wicket sense of humor, but magazines at the grocery store checkout seem to convey the notion that none of these things matter so far as trying to date is concerned. I mean, they turn up on surveys and shit, but in actual practice? Yeah, not so much.

Not that I’m bitter, or anything.

Anyway, I’m not afraid to admit that anyone of any gender might find me aesthetically pleasing on any level is somewhat gratifying. Why? Because like most humans, I’m a vain asshole, even at some rudimentary level, and accompanying that is a need to be accepted or at least not overtly shunned by other members of my species. So, “Huzzah!” and all that.

As for how I maintain this level of “so pretty?” I honestly don’t know. I mean, I suppose at least some portion of how one looks has to be tied in some way to how they feel, and I’m pretty comfortable with myself. I don’t feel “old,” even for my age, and certainly don’t think I look my age. For those who don’t know how old I am, how old do you think I am, based on how you see me act? Go on, take a moment to throw out your guesses. I’ll wait.

:: waiting ::


Okay, so the answer is that I’m closing in on my 47th birthday. But, I don’t feel 47. Don’t get me wrong: I’ve had my share of days where I’ve been ridden hard and put away wet, and definitely not in the fun way, and I’m certainly not going to give some dude half my age a run for his money, but the important thing is that I don’t feel old. I suppose a large part of that is attitude. I’m having a lot of fun these days…way more than I was having twenty or even ten years ago. A large part of that is credited to my kids, who never fail to make me laugh, or make me want to continually find ways to make them laugh. Another aspect is that I’m simply doing things I never thought I’d do, going places I thought I’d never visit or see, and meeting people I never thought I’d encounter, and I’m enjoying pretty much every minute of that. I don’t know if any of it translates to staying “so pretty,” but I suppose it works for me.

But, wait: I can hear someone shouting, “Seriously, Dayton?” from the rafters. “That’s all you’ve got? You don’t feel old? Wow, that’s exciting. Come on, dude. Give us something juicy.”


I suppose you could chalk up at least some of my okay looks and age-defying success to the fact that I feed on the souls of my vanquished enemies. Yes, that’s right: After I defeat them in battle, I take their souls, grind them up, then mix them in a blender with some vanilla powder, bananas, crushed ice, and rum. If I’m feeling particularly daring, I might stick a slice of pineapple on the rim of the glass.

Oh, and not for nothing, but ground up souls make for a pretty decent dry rub when you’re grilling steaks.

Just sayin’.

So, with respect to this apparent cabal of anonymous admirers? Feel free to direct them to my wish list over at Amazon.com I mean, that complete Star Wars Blu-ray set ain’t gonna buy itself, right?

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G & T Show 132 - Life Hacks

G & T Show 132 – Life Hacks is now available for download. Get it here. This week, Nick, Terry, and Mike are back with an all new show. We discuss Star Trek Online, Star Trek News, Book News, and the return of Terry’s Voyager Watch. We also remind everyone to check out our Supplemental Log with Larry Nemecek is now available. Check it out here. Finally for our STLV Update we’ve got big news for STO’s Foundry authors! G & T Show has relaunched our GoFundMe Page to help us to renew and upgrade our streaming capabilities as well as other website costs. 

G & T Show Go Fund Me Page

Dayton’s February Writing Update

These Are the Voyages


Star Trek Floating Pen

ANOVOS: Admiral Kirk Uniform

John Byrne’s Star Trek Mission Become Ongoing

Michio Kaku on Big Bang Theory

Brannon Braga talks Salem and Cosmos reboot

Cliff Bole Dies

David Carr Selling California Mansion with Star Trek Theater

JJ Abrams buys LA mansion

Oscar Effects: Star Trek Into Darkness

CW’s Flash Costume

STO Zen Sale

STO Storage Slot Increase

Galaxy Class Reboot

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G & T Show Supplemental Log - Larry Nemecek

G & T Show Supplemental Log – Larry Nemecek is now available for downloading. Check it out here. Nick, Terry, and Mike are back with special guest Larry Nemecek. They talk about Star Trek, Star Trek Continues, Stellar Cartography and Star Trek non-fiction, Geek Nation Tour, The Star Trek’s upcoming 50th Anniversary, Star Trek on Netflix, Trekland Trunk, the Con of Wrath, and so much more.

Nemesis Romulan Carpet

Larry Nemecek on Facebook

Trekland Trunk on Facebook

LarryNemecek Website

Trekland Trunk on Ebay

Geek Nation Tours

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Star Trek Continues

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G & T Show 131 - And We’re Back!

G & T Show 131 – And We’re Back! is now available for downloading. Check it out here. This week, Nick, Terry, and Mike are here. We spend the majority of the show getting reacquainted, but still manage to discuss Star Trek Online, an STLV Update, Star Trek News, and Listener Mail.

G & T Show’s YouTube Channel

G & T Show’s MixCloud

SciFi Jewelery

Paramount Star Trek Theme Park in Spain

Guardians of the Galaxy Trailer

Lou Ferrigno Goes Green again for new Star Trek

Disney Death Stars

Prelude to Axanar

Heroes Reborn Teaser

Star Trek Logo on the Martian Surface

Black Widow from The Avengers

Black Widow from Winter Soldier

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No Show This Week!

There will not be a G & T Show this week, Sunday February 16th. Terry is still under the weather, Nick is attending FarPoint Convention, and Mike will be sleeping. We will return next week, February 23rd, with a new episode of the G & T Show. Please join us next week and for the latest in Star Trek News and an update on their recent adventures. Thank you.

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G & T Show 130 - Grilled Cheese Sandwiches

G & T Show 130 – Grilled Cheese Sandwiches is now available for downloading. Check it out here. Nick and Mike are back, while Terry is recovering from the flu. Adrianne and Black Magnum join them this week to deliver a full episode jammed pack with everything from the STLV Update, the latest in Fan Productions, Star Trek Online News, the Star Trek.com Poll, several weeks worth of Star Trek Products and other news, , an new Ask Dayton, Writer’s Corner, Life Pod One, and Listener Mail. For Book News we congratulate Kirsten Beyer on Becoming a New York Times Best Seller with her latest book Star Trek: Voyager: The Protectors.

Star Trek: Continues – E02 – Lolani

Star Trek: Renegades – Combadge

Nimoy, Logically, Using COPD Diagnosis to Help Others

Klingon Attire, Tattoos and More for Meez.com

Cumberbatch and Sesame Street Friends

Patrick Stewart on Letterman

Patrick Stewart’s Latest Role is Out of This World

USS Enterprise Alarm Clock

New Trek Apparel For the Ladies

Star Trek Hotwheels

Scott Bakula Beams To NCIS Spin-off

Four New Star Trek Art Prints

Skele-Treks Now Available

Kirk & Spock From Square Enix

Star Trek Online: Bonus Dilitihium Weekend Event

STLV New Guests – 50+ Set To Appear

Kirsten Beyer’s VOY: Protectors Trek BBS

Star Trek Characters & Roles

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Ask Dayton 93 - Hitting the Wall

Dear Dayton,

I want to ask some questions.

I like to think I’m a writer…. That is people say I write well when presenting poetry or some easily manufactured pen-to-paper bullshit that stirs someone else’s emotional state. That aside, I often find that when I’m writing a story I come to what I’ve hatefully termed “the wall.”

There comes a point, while writing, where even if I know where I want to go with a story, have notes, or just even continuing to type that this sudden overwhelming despair settles over what I’m doing. I have over 20 stories that I’ve never finished simply because of the unsettling despair that, even after letting a story sit for a time, just creeps back up no matter how much I may try to push through it. It’s enough to make most people mad let alone me, who wants to crawl into bed and cry for a solid week and wait to die of dehydration.

Do you ever hit “the wall” while writing? How many stories have been lost to it? Have you ever overcome it? Is “the wall” the same for all writers or is it different for each person? Is there anyway that I could overcome it?

With love

“With love?”

With love from who?

Diane Lane? Dana Delaney? Stormy Daniels? You can’t leave a dude hanging with something like that. It’s just cruel.

I can only judge your situation based on what you’ve told me, but my gut reaction to what you’re describing is that you simply haven’t given your idea(s) sufficient time and space to “breathe.” That is, it sounds to me like you came up with the spark of what you thought was a really awesome story idea—and at this point we have no reason to think it’s not a really awesome story idea—and perhaps didn’t take the time to ponder where it might go once you started the actual writing. It’s a common mistake, and one we’ve all made at one time or another. We get excited by the initial idea that’s got a choke hold on our imaginations, and we run screaming into the night because we want to get all the words down before our brain purges them to make room for something really important, like keeping track of all the characters who’ve died since the beginning of 24 or The Walking Dead.

Have I ever lost a story because I just couldn’t find a way to make it work? Not really. I mean, I’ve had ideas that I eventually decided weren’t workable, or they just plain sucked, but I tend to figure that out before I spend any actual writing time on them. I have started stories and eventually figured out that they weren’t working. In my experience, hitting “the wall” usually is a result of my not having a damned clue where the story is supposed to go, and that’s normally a consequence of my not having done my proper prep work. Sometimes it’s because I thought I’d done enough but really didn’t, and other times it’s because I shouted to the writer gods, “I choose to pee into the wind!” before setting forth and pounding keys and just seeing what happens.

Well, what sometimes happens is that the wind blows that stuff right back.

I know you say you have situations where you have notes you’re working from, but what kind of notes are they? Backstory and character descriptions are great info to help flesh out things while you’re writing, but from what you’re describing, I have to wonder if you’ve taken the time to figure out your story’s plot from beginning to end. I’m not saying you should lay out every beat or write up a rigid outline from which no deviations are allowed; I’m just talking about a simple list of wickets you want your story to pass through, so that you have a defined starting point and some idea of how the frappin’ thing’s supposed to wrap up.

Yes, there are writers who can sit down with no plan or outline and just start typing, and just build their story as they go while shooting from the hip and just flinging words like a pack of rabid, caffeine-saturated chimps throwing their own shit at each other. I think we can agree those folk are freaks. They’re freaks we admire for their uncanny ability we wish we had, but freaks just the same. Unlike these evil geniuses, I need at least a general, bare-bones road map most of the time, to keep me from wandering too far off course. If I know how the story’s supposed to end, I don’t worry as much about altering the route or including some scenic detours along the way.

Okay, I think that’s enough driving metaphors for one day.

There’s no easy answer except to keep at it, and I know that’s easier said than done, but here’s the thing: It’s the “keeping at it” that makes you a writer. So, keep at it, and good luck.

Just be sure to check that wind direction.

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G & T Show 129 - Geeking Out With Generations Geek

G & T Show 129 – Geeking Out With Generations Geek is now available for downloading. Check it out here. Nick and Mike sit down with Generations Geek’s Scott Pearson and his daughter Audio Vixen while Terry is away. This week they discuss all things geeky from comics to books, television shows to movies, and so much more. Also, we send get well wishes to CapnPFdennis. Despite all of the geeky conversation, they do manage to sneak in a quick STLV Update, Star Trek Online News, and Book News. He also mentions his new book Star Trek: The Original Series: The More Things Change which is due on July 7th — Pre-order yours today!

Space & Time Magazine

Welcome to Night Vale

Revolutions Podcast

The History of Rome

Brandon Felczer’s Promotion

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G & T Show 128 - Humanity’s Mirror

G & T Show 128 – Humanity’s Mirror is now available for downloading. Check it out here. Nick, Terry, and Mike are back with a new show. Nick starts us off with an update of his surgery, including a short update from Janice. Then, they get into Star Trek News, Book News, Star Trek Online, and STLV Update. They discuss an all new Ask Dayton this week before jumping into the Star Trek.com Poll. Mike announces that we are looking for new panelists to join us on the Book of the Celestial Temple Book Club.

Levar Burton Talks Reading Rainbow App at CES 2014

What Pine wants for Star Trek 3

Bryan Fuller and Angela Bassett in the Captain’s Chair

Star Trek Trailer Recut with Bloopers

Sarah Marshall dies

Tim Russ joins Star Trek Online Cast

Protectors by Kirsten Beyer Preview

Admiral Tuvok


Dev Blog: Ships – From Start to Finish

Awesome Jobss: Kayla Iacovino