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We are an irreverent Sunday morning podcast that discusses Star Trek writing in all of its forms from tv shows, movies, books, comics, games, fan fiction, and more.

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The G & T Show’s eighth episode is now available for downloading. This week Gettysburg and Terilynn inteview Kirsten Beyer and talk about the Bring Back Janeway Panel from the Shoreleave Convention and so much more.

Before getting into it, they talk about Mary Czerwinski’s Make Me Dehner. Teri reminds everyone to check out her Fan Fic Pick, Star Trek Gibralter by Sam Redfeather. James Swallows’ new book Star Trek – Cast No Shadows, his bloglivejournal, and twitter feed. Michael Hinman’s Airlock Alpha. Give Sci Fi Diner Podcast a listen.

Star Trek Online’s Foundry is now back online, so they recommended Star Trek Online Foundry Missions by CaptPFDennis  (Class Dismissed Parts I & II) and OldLordSkull (The Second To Last Outpost). After the interview, they talk about it and the discourse leads to a discussion of Voyager and Star Trek in general.

Finally, they remind us that the G & T Show’s Book Club discussion of Star Trek Vanguard Declassified on August 21st. Play the Foundry Missions de Jour as well as missions by Havraha. And, they ask their listeners to submit Foundry missions that are very Trek in nature to hosts@gandtshow.com.