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We are an irreverent Sunday morning podcast that discusses Star Trek writing in all of its forms from tv shows, movies, books, comics, games, fan fiction, and more.

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G & T Show 126 - And In This Corner

G & T Show 126 – And In This Corner is now available for downloading. Check it out here. This week Nick, Terry, and Mike are back with a new episode. They start off with Book News featuring the big announcement that Dayton Ward is now a New York Times Best Selling Author, followed by sharing what they are reading. They move on to Star Trek News including the latest Star Wars News before heading in game with Star Trek Online News. They rant about the latest to come from Creation Entertainment regarding STLV, and finish the episode with a triple helping of Terry’s Voyager Watch.

New York Times Best Seller List – January 19th

Dayton’s Best Seller Announcement

178 episodes of TNG in 1 video

Scanadu – the realworld Tricorder

Agents of Shield and TNG

From basement to Enterprise

Zoe Saldana – Rosemary’s Baby and Starship Troopers

Star Wars Canon Consolidation

STO’s Tribble Release Notes

Creation Entertainment – STLV

Fandom Fest